Highly Composable

Providing an agent, message bus, & event processor, Sensu enables teams to compose a system to meet their unique requirements. Combine the best tools.

Passionate Community

Sensu is propelled by an ever growing community of passionate people. Helpful people can be found anytime in the IRC channel, #sensu on Freenode. All code is available on GitHub, as social coding is the future.

Designed for the Cloud

The Cloud introduces new challenges to monitoring tools, Sensu was created with them in mind. Sensu will scale along with the infrastructure that it monitors.

Executing service checks

Sensu can monitor application and system services, detecting those in an unhealthy state. Service checks are used, for example, to determine if a service like HAProxy is up or down, or if a web application is responding to requests.

Learn more: Checks

Sending notifications

Sensu can send a variety of notifications for various events; for example, a service fails and the operations team needs to be alerted. There are a number of community maintained plugins to send these notifications via a variety of media such as email, IRC, Slack, etc.

Learn more: Handlers, Add a handler

Collecting metrics

The Sensu check format is composed of an exit status code, and an arbitrary payload (e.g. message string, PerfData, JSON, animated cat GIFs, etc). This simplicity provides a single platform to collect and ship a variety of metric formats to different metric data stores (e.g. Graphite, InfluxDB, OpenTSDB, etc).

Learn more: Adding a metric

External input

Sensu’s monitoring agent (sensu-client) provides a TCP and UDP socket that can accept external JSON data. Applications can leverage this interface to report errors or ship application-specific metric data.


Sensu’s API provides access to event and agent data, the ability to request check executions, and resolve events. The API also provides a key/value store.

Learn more: Sensu API

Secure connectivity

Sensu leverages transports that offer SSL encryption, authentication, and granular ACLs. Sensu's connections traverse complex network topologies, including those that use NAT and VPNs.

Learn more: SSL Certificates, Security