Why Sensu?

Sensu is the monitoring platform for your entire business. By focusing on composability and extensibility, Sensu is the cohesive monitoring platform that you are looking for. On average, approximately 70% of all Sensu users report that they are able to standardize on Sensu — replacing at least 3 or more legacy monitoring systems within the first 30-days of installing Sensu, while also improving monitoring coverage by over 25%! You can too.

A single monitoring platform for your entire business
  • Servers (bare metal, VMware, AWS, etc)

  • Containers (Docker, RKT, LXC, etc)

  • Services (databases, webservers, etc)

  • Applications (web apps, microservices, etc)

  • Network devices (routers, switches, SANs)

  • Remote resources (third-party APIs, etc)

Reuse existing monitoring logic

Sensu allows you to reuse monitoring checks and plugins from legacy monitoring tools like Nagios, Icinga, Zabbix, and many more. Sensu was designed from day one as a replacement for an aging Nagios installation, and to this day monitoring plugin compatibility remains as one of Sensu's most compelling features. Breathe new life into your existing monitoring instrumentation.

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  "checks": {
    "vmware": {
      "command": "nagios_check_vmware_server.sh",
      "subscribers": [
      "contact": "operations",
      "interval": 30

Designed for automation

Sensu is the feedback loop for your application and infrastructure engineering teams. Rather than supporting modern DevOps tooling as an afterthought, Sensu was designed to work with automation tools like Puppet, Chef, and Ansible. With Sensu, monitoring does not require an additional, separate workflow — monitoring enhances your existing application and infrastructure as code development workflows.

Single pane of glass

The Sensu Enterprise Console improves operational visibility by providing a single pane of glass for multiple physical or logical data centers. The Sensu Enterprise Console has built-in features designed for the enterprise, including: Role-based Access Controls with LDAP Integration, the Sensu Enterprise HUD, and more.

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Support for all major platforms

Native system packages are available for installing Sensu on every major operating system, further extending its reach as a strategic platform within technically diverse organizations.

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Feature Rich Platform

As a platform, Sensu provides all the features you need to compose the comprehensive monitoring & telemetry solution to meet any business requirement. By providing a platform to build upon, Sensu enables you to focus on what to monitor and measure, rather than how.

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