Enterprise 2.4.0 Release Notes

February 17, 2017 — Sensu Enterprise version 2.4.0 has been released and is available for immediate download. Please note the following improvements:


  • IMPROVEMENT: Built on Sensu Core 0.27.1.

Core 0.27.1 Release Notes


February 17, 2017 — Sensu Core version 0.27.1 has been released and is available for immediate download. Please note the following improvements:


  • IMPROVEMENT: Failed pipe handler executions are now logged with the error log level.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Sensu server now adds a unique per-client subscription to client keepalives when missing. This is to enable built-in event silencing for older Sensu clients (< 0.26).

  • BUGFIX: Check subdue and filter when time windows now account for GMT offsets.

  • BUGFIX: Non UTF-8 characters in check tokens are now removed.

  • BUGFIX: Fixed filter name logging when an event is filtered.

Core 0.27.0 Release Notes


January 26, 2017 — Sensu Core version 0.27.0 has been released and is available for immediate download. Please note the following improvements:


This release includes potentially breaking, backwards-incompatible changes:

  • NEW: Sensu is now packaged specifically for each supported platform version and architecture; previously, single packages were built for each platform and architecture using the oldest supported platform version. Accordingly, package repository structures have changed to support per-platform-version packages. See the platforms page for links to updated installation instructions.

  • NEW: On platforms where systemd is the default init, Sensu now provides systemd unit files instead of sysv init scripts.

  • NOTE: The transition of service management from sysv to systemd may initially cause an error when restarting Sensu services. To avoid this, please be sure to stop Sensu services before upgrading to Sensu 0.27 and starting them again.

  • REMOVED: The embedded runit service supervisor is no longer included in Sensu packages for Linux platforms.

  • REPLACED: The sensu-omnibus project has superseded sensu-build as the tool chain for building official Sensu packages. This project uses Travis CI to automate package builds using a combination of Test Kitchen, Chef and Omnibus tools.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Sensu packages for Windows now include Ruby 2.3.0, upgraded from Ruby 2.0.0 in prior versions of Sensu.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Sensu packages for Windows now include winsw 2.0.1, upgraded from winsw 1.16. This version includes a number of changes which should help to address issues around orphaned processes.

  • CHANGED: The CONFIG_DIR environment variable has been renamed to CONFD_DIR. This environment varible is used to specify the directory path where Sensu processes will load any JSON config files for deep merging. If you are using /etc/default/sensu to specify a custom value for CONFIG_DIR, please update it to the new CONFD_DIR variable name.


  • NEW: Added a Sensu client HTTP socket for check result input and informational queries. The client HTTP socket provides several endpoints, /info, /results, and /settings. Basic authentication is supported, which is required for certain endpoints, i.e. /settings. The client HTTP socket is configurable via the Sensu client definition, "http_socket": {}.

  • NEW: Added API endpoint /silenced/ids/:id for fetching a silence entry by ID.

  • NEW: Added check attribute ttl_status, allowing checks to set a different TTL event check status (default is 1 warning).

  • NEW: Added client deregistration attribute status, allowing clients to set a different event check status for their deregistration events (default is 1 warning).

  • NEW: Added Rubygems cleanup support to sensu-install, via the command line argument -c or --clean when installing one or more plugins and/or extensions. If a version is provided for the plugin(s) or extension(s), all other installed versions of them will be removed, e.g. sensu-install -e snmp-trap:0.0.23 -c. If a version is not provided, all installed versions except the latest will be removed.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Hostnames are now resolved prior to making connection attempts, this applies to the Sensu Transport (i.e. RabbitMQ) and Redis connections. This allows Sensu to handle resolution failures and enables failover via DNS and services like Amazon AWS ElastiCache.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added the filter name to event filtered log events.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Check TTL events now have the check interval overridden to the TTL monitoring interval, this change allows event occurrence filtering to work as expected.

  • BUGFIX: Silenced resolution events with silencing "expire_on_resolve": true are now handled.

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