Core 0.29.0 Release Notes


April 7, 2017 — Sensu Core version 0.29.0 has been released and is available for immediate download. Please note the following improvements:


  • IMPORTANT: Sensu packages now include Ruby 2.4.1. Upgrading from prior versions of Sensu will require any plugin or extension gems to be re-installed under the new Ruby environment.

  • IMPORTANT: Sensu packages now include sensu-plugin 2.0.0, which disables its deprecated filter methods by default, i.e. occurrences. Sensu 0.29 includes built-in filters that provide the same functionality with several improvements. The built-in filters are “occurrences” and “check_dependencies”. To use the built-in filters, apply them to Sensu event handlers via their definition "filters" attribute, e.g. "filters": ["occurrences", "check_dependencies"]. These filters can now be used with Sensu event handlers that do not use the sensu-plugin library (or Ruby).

  • IMPROVEMENT: Sensu server tasks, replacing the Sensu server leader functionality, distributing certain server responsibilities amongst the running Sensu servers. A server task can only run on one Sensu server at a time. Sensu servers partake in an election process to become responsible for one or more tasks. A task can failover to another Sensu server.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Sensu API response object filtering for any GET request. Filtering is done with one or more dot notation query parameters, beginning with filter., to specify object attributes to filter by, e.g. /events?filter.client.environment=production&

  • NEW: Added API endpoint GET /settings to provided the APIs running configuration. Sensitive setting values are redacted by default, unless the query parameter redacted is set to false, e.g. /settings?redacted=false.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added support for invalidating a Sensu client when deleting it via the Sensu API DELETE /clients/:name endpoint, disallowing further client keepalives and check results until the client is either successfully removed from the client registry or for a specified duration of time. To invalidate a Sensu client until it is deleted, the query parameter invalidate must be set to true, e.g. /clients/ To invalidate the client for a certain amount of time (in seconds), the query parameter invalidate_expire must be set as well, e.g. /clients/

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added a Sensu settings hexdigest, exposed via the Sensu API GET /info endpoint, providing a means to determine if a Sensu server’s configuration differs from the rest.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added a proxy argument to sensu-install. To use a proxy for Sensu plugin and extension installation with sensu-install, use the -x or --proxy argument, e.g. sensu-install -e statsd --proxy

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added support for issuing proxy check requests via the Sensu API POST /request endpoint.

  • IMPROVEMENT: The Sensu API now logs response times.

  • IMPROVEMENT: The Sensu API now returns a 405 (Method Not Allowed) when an API endpoint does not support a HTTP request method, e.g. PUT, and sets the HTTP header “Allow” to indicate which HTTP request methods are supported by the requested endpoint.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added a built-in filter for check dependencies, check_dependencies, which implements the check dependency filtering logic in the Sensu Plugin library.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added default values for Sensu CLI options config_file ("/etc/sensu/config.json") and config_dirs (["/etc/sensu/conf.d"]). These defaults are only applied when the associated file and/or directory exist.

  • BUGFIX: The built-in filter occurrences now supports refresh for flapping events (action flapping).

  • BUGFIX: Force the configured Redis port to be an integer, as some users make the mistake of using a string.

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