The Sensu Enterprise Advantage

Sensu Enterprise isn't just about support - it is the best version of Sensu available. It's all the features you have come to know and love from Sensu Core, performance-optimized for large-scale deployments, and packed full of integrations that make it easy to leverage Sensu with the tools and services you are already using. Plus added value services like annual training and technical support. And the best part is — Sensu Enterprise is a drop-in replacement for Sensu Core — so if you're already using Sensu, upgrading is easy!

Enterprise Console

Sensu Enterprise extends the value of the "single pane of glass" provided by Uchiwa and adds several important enhancements designed for the enterprise, including: the Sensu Enterprise Heads Up Display (HUD), Role-based access controls, LDAP authentication (Active Directory, OpenLDAP, etc), / GitHub Enterprise authentication, GitLab authentication, Federated API w/ token-based authentication.

Built-in Integrations

Sensu Enterprise ships with built-in third-party integrations for many of the tools and services you're already using. The Sensu Enterprise Integrations have been written from the ground up for optimal performance and security. Integrations are available out-of-the-box to: provide support for creating/resolving incidents, on-call rotation, scheduling, storing time series data (metrics), relaying events, deregistering sensu-clients for terminated nodes, and/or sending notifications.

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Added-Value Features

Sensu Enterprise builds upon the underlying building blocks provided by Sensu Core with some important added-value features, including Contact Routing and Metric Translation.

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FREE Annual Training

All Sensu Enterprise customers have access to FREE annual training, from the makers of Sensu. Sensu Training is the official source for everything your team needs to learn how to leverage the Sensu platform to compose a monitoring system that will meet the unique requirements of your organization.

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Enterprise-Class Support

As part of our commitment to our customers success, all Sensu Enterprise users have access to enterprise-class support services (including access to the Sensu Enterprise Helpdesk and knowledge base), with a 4-hour response time and next business day resolution for Level 1 issues. Premium Support services are also available, including phone support, 24x7x365 coverage and faster response times.

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