Simple, transparent and predictable pricing

With Sensu's commitment to open-source software, it will always be possible to use Sensu for FREE. To gain the most benefits for your organization, we recommend choosing Sensu Enterprise, with plans beginning at only $50 per month. A progressive volume discount keeps the pricing simple and predictable as you grow your business, and and an "unlimited license" keeps things reasonable for large-scale installations. We also offer two months FREE when you pay annually!

How many servers do you need to monitor?

How does Sensu Enterprise pricing work, in practice?

Sensu is the best monitoring platform in the world for solving the unique challenges involved in monitoring dynamic infrastructures (e.g. public, private, and hybrid cloud), so it only makes sense that this is reflected in our pricing as well. Please note the following ways in which we help keep Sensu Enterprise pricing predictable:

  • Server counts are based on the number of install monitoring agents. Resources like network switches are not included in the server count.

  • We'll never charge more for different topologies. There is no limit on the number of Sensu Enterprise servers you can install, or the configurations that are allowed (e.g. federated and/or high availability configurations).

  • Server counts are based on a monthly "low watermark". If your infrastructure scales in and out based on demand, you only pay for the lowest number of installed monitoring agents in a given month.

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Have questions about Sensu Enterprise pricing? Please don't hesitate to contact our sales team and we'll be happy to help. Or if you just need a quote for Sensu Enterprise, look no further than our hassle-free quote generator.